Cravings / Restaurant

Chicas apartir de Hoy en la tarde 6:00pm abrimos el restaurant Cravings ubicado frente a farmacias Feyma tendremos por las maƱanas Desayunos,guisados con sus respectivos frijolitos, por la Tarde Noche Hamburguesas pollo,res,camaron,burritos,tortas,hot dog tambien Postres,Frappes,cafe y CLARO LOS DOMINGOS MENUDO Y TACOS DE BIRRI.šŸ„° Un poquito de todo los esperamos.

Cravings has re-opened the restaurant located in front of pharmacy Feyma. They will serve breakfast, afternoon burgers, chicken, beef, shrimp, burritos, cakes, hot dogs and desserts, frappes, coffee and on Sundays birria tacos with a little bit of hope.

For Home delivery call (322) 133-7879


First Taco of Lo de Marcos

Tacos de Birria

As you enter the pueblo of Lo de Marcos, the first Taco stand is on your right. It is called a stand because most of the cooking is done up front with the tables, awning and bathroom as an afterthought.

The food is fresh. The establishment is clean. There are tacos of birria, dorado and blanditos. You can even order a casadia with only cheese and then there are lots of condiments to add.

Beverages are available and the staff is friendly and courteous. If your plan is to eat your way through town then this is a great place to start.