As the raining season nears our tropical paradise, at the start of June, male land crabs make their way from the hills around Lo de Marcos down to the beach. At the north end of the beach where the jungle touches the sand, thousands of crabs can be seen making nest holes in the soft sand while awaiting their female counterparts that are suppose to come out of the sea where they have been washing their eggs which they carry on the underbelly.

Female crabs spawn upwards to 700,000 eggs each. Many do not survive and thus is the nature of the creature to produce many so that few may reach maturity. Immature crabs are brown or orange with the mature turning blue. The other noticeable trait is that one claw is larger than the other.

Crabs are said to be vegetarian. Often you will see a claw sitting by itself, which is no problem as crabs can grow new claws. My friend says that crabs are happy as their time is spent eating and procreating.



I’m no doctor, but… after being stung multiple times I have learned a few things about surviving.

  1. Stay calm. Nothing causes more problems that getting excited about a scorpion sting. Adrenalin seems to speed the spread of poisonous venom through your body. Take a breath, tell your self that you are not going to die today and follow the following steps.
  2. Mix Baking Soda and a drop of water to make a paste. Cover the sting with the paste and immediately you will begin to feel better as the acid in the sting is neutralized.
  3. Take a Benadryl tablet, look at the clock and realize that in 20 minutes life will begin to be better. The antihistamine in the tablet can be a life saver.
  4. Call a friend and know that they can help you to remain calm.
  5. An EpiPen can be a next to last resort and then 911 if your tongue swells and breathing becomes labored.

My best lesson was the time I was stung on my back in the middle of the night while house sitting a home up in the mountains. 911 said I would be dead by the time they arrived and it was best to follow the above mentioned steps. My tongue did swell, breathing became labored, however… after I swabbed the sting with baking soda, took the benadryl and calmed down, sleep took over and in the morning a friend got me to a clinic where they gave me an EpiPen like shot and life returned to normal a few hours later.

Be prepared:

a. Learn calming meditation

b. Keep Baking Soda in the fridge

c. Keep Benadryl at the ready.

d. Invest in an EpiPen

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