I’m no doctor, but… after being stung multiple times I have learned a few things about surviving.

  1. Stay calm. Nothing causes more problems that getting excited about a scorpion sting. Adrenalin seems to speed the spread of poisonous venom through your body. Take a breath, tell your self that you are not going to die today and follow the following steps.
  2. Mix Baking Soda and a drop of water to make a paste. Cover the sting with the paste and immediately you will begin to feel better as the acid in the sting is neutralized.
  3. Take a Benadryl tablet, look at the clock and realize that in 20 minutes life will begin to be better. The antihistamine in the tablet can be a life saver.
  4. Call a friend and know that they can help you to remain calm.
  5. An EpiPen can be a next to last resort and then 911 if your tongue swells and breathing becomes labored.

My best lesson was the time I was stung on my back in the middle of the night while house sitting a home up in the mountains. 911 said I would be dead by the time they arrived and it was best to follow the above mentioned steps. My tongue did swell, breathing became labored, however… after I swabbed the sting with baking soda, took the benadryl and calmed down, sleep took over and in the morning a friend got me to a clinic where they gave me an EpiPen like shot and life returned to normal a few hours later.

Be prepared:

a. Learn calming meditation

b. Keep Baking Soda in the fridge

c. Keep Benadryl at the ready.

d. Invest in an EpiPen


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