Black Sapote

Look around at the trees in Lo de Marcos and you might find some interesting fruit.

Diospyros nigra, the black sapote, is a species of persimmon. Common names include chocolate pudding fruit, black soapapple and zapote prieto. The tropical fruit tree is native to Mexico, Central America, and Colombia. The common name sapote refers to any soft, edible fruit. Wikipedia


La jaca – Jackfruit

Did you know that the largest fruit in the world is also born in Nayarit? Yes! The Jaca is considered the largest fruit in the world and we have the privilege of having it born in Nayarit. It’s delicious pure and in smoothie and what do you think? It has 7 flavors and is a Natural Viagra!

Jaca is originally from Indonesia; in Bangladesh it is considered the national fruit and was brought to Nayarit in 1985. However, it is little known by the Mexican population, neither its nutritional value nor other ways to take advantage of it. Its exotic appearance is given by its yellow, orange or greenish, highly textured rind. The yaca is a sweet fruit of great size and strange appearance that can weigh up to 35 kilos and have a diameter of up to 25 centimeters. Thank you Tropical Tidbits.

Jackfruit is ripe and ready to harvest when the fruit begins to grow soft and a black ring forms around the stem, indicating that it is preparing to fall from the tree. Grab it before the birds do.

To get the sweet fruit out it is best to dawn rubber gloves or covers your hands with oil. The latex which surrounds the interior fruit is very sticky. The fruit itself easily separates from the covering.

Inside each piece of fruit is a large seed. You can boil the seeds, remove the hard cover and pound the remains into a delicious hummus. Enjoy!