Cempasuchil / Marigold Flower

A tradition of Day of the Dead / Dia de Muetos, November 1st and 2nd. The legend of the Marigold is wonderful!

This beautiful legend recounts the love story of two young Aztecs, Xóchitl and Huitzilin, a romance from which the cempasuchil (marigold) flower was born.

This wonderful love story began when the two young Aztecs were still little. They used to spend all their spare time playing and enjoying discovering their town together. Although Xochitl was a delicate girl, her family let her join in the adventures of her neighbor Huitzilin. With time, it was only natural that their love would flourish.

They particularly enjoyed hiking to the top of a near mountain where they would offer flowers to the Sun god Tonatiuh. The god seemed to appreciate their offering and would smile from the sky with his warm rays. On a particularly beautiful day at the top of the mountain, they swore that their love would last for ever.

When war broke out the lovers were separated as Huitzilin headed to fight and protect their homeland.

Soon the dreaded news of Huitzilin‘s death reached Xóchitl. She felt her world falling to pieces, her heart completely torn.

She decided to walk one last time to the top of the mountain and implore the sun god Tonatiuh, to somehow join her with her love Huitzilin. The sun moved by her prayers threw a ray that gently touched the young girl’s cheek. Instantly she turned into a beautiful flower of fiery colors as intense at the sun rays.

Thank you Tropical Tidbits.

Antonio’s Adventures on Horseback


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Enjoy beautiful Lo de Marcos, Mexico on horseback on a tour with Antonio and Amanda. We provide a safe, enjoyable experience; rides on the beach and through the jungle, tailored to you for the best possible experience! Available in Spanish and English.

Cravings / Restaurant

Chicas apartir de Hoy en la tarde 6:00pm abrimos el restaurant Cravings ubicado frente a farmacias Feyma tendremos por las mañanas Desayunos,guisados con sus respectivos frijolitos, por la Tarde Noche Hamburguesas pollo,res,camaron,burritos,tortas,hot dog tambien Postres,Frappes,cafe y CLARO LOS DOMINGOS MENUDO Y TACOS DE BIRRI.🥰 Un poquito de todo los esperamos.

Cravings has re-opened the restaurant located in front of pharmacy Feyma. They will serve breakfast, afternoon burgers, chicken, beef, shrimp, burritos, cakes, hot dogs and desserts, frappes, coffee and on Sundays birria tacos with a little bit of hope.

For Home delivery call (322) 133-7879