Jamaica Hibiscus

Jaimaica Hibiscus

Grown locally!

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The Jamaican flower is originally from Africa and is very famous all over the world for its many benefits. The most common use of this plant is to prepare infusions, but you can also boil and drink the water with ice as a refreshing beverage. Particularly in Latin America they use a lot of Jamaican flower to prepare a juice to accompany the meals. But besides being an excellent beverage has significant contributions to health, these are:

1. Among the many benefits of the Jamaican flower highlights its slimming power, as it helps to eliminate the accumulated toxins of the body and, thanks to its diuretic effect, it encourages the body to dispose of these toxins quickly by means of urine.

2. The Jamaican flower, thanks to its high content of vitamin C is an excellent tool to combat the premature ageing of the cell. In addition, it is widely used to recover the body from colds and hangovers.

3. If taken as a hot infusion, the Jamaican flower is an excellent help in combating insomnia, as its soothing properties help the body to easily reconcile sleep, propitiating a deep rest. 

4. The Jamaican flower also helps lower the high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, being a great ally to improve arterial hypertension and combat metabolic diseases such as metabolic syndrome. 

5. Among the benefits of the Jamaican flower is also its ability to prevent topical diseases of the skin, being the infusion the best way to ingest it to treat rashes or allergies. In addition, the Jamaican flower is an excellent help to reduce muscle aches thanks to its high content of calcium, iron and phosphorus. It is also proven that the water in Jamaica has great power to prevent night blindness and help the body to perform easiest digestion.

In laboratory tests, Jamaica “hibiscus” water killed twice as many bacteria as chlorine and up to five times more than commercial disinfectant. The scientist of the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo (UAEH), Javier Castro Rosas, created products based on Jamaica that act against resistant bacteria resistant and not resistant to antibiotics for use in food, as well as in human and veterinary medicine. In an interview, the specialist explained that he started the project more than 15 years ago, in view of the worldwide concern about antibiotic resistance. Said plan consists of developing the products from the chalices of the vegetable; directed to control harmful bacteria resistant to antibiotics and also has an effect on bacteria that are not. “To disinfect lettuce it is necessary to put four to five droplets of commercial disinfectant based on colloidal silver in the water to disinfect, or chlorine as recommended by the Ministry of Health; however, there is scientific evidence that these treatments are not efficient, “he said. The researcher added that if there are a thousand typhoid bacteria in the lettuce, the commercial disinfectant eliminates only between 100 to 200; chlorine between 400 to 500, and simple water of Jamaica kills between 800 to 900 bacteria.


La flor de Jamaica es originaria de África y es muy famosa en todo el mundo por sus múltiples beneficios. El uso más común de esta planta es para preparar infusiones, pero también se puede hervir y tomar el agua con hielo como una bebida refrescante. Particularmente en Latinoamérica utilizan mucho la flor de jamaica para preparar un zumo para acompañar las comidas. Pero ademas de ser un excelente bebida tiene aportes significativos para la salud, estos son :
1. Entre los múltiples beneficios de la flor de jamaica resalta su poder adelgazante, ya que ayuda a eliminar las toxinas acumuladas del cuerpo y, gracias a su efecto diurético, propicia que el cuerpo se deshaga de estas toxinas rápidamente por medio de la orina.
2. La flor de jamaica, gracias a su alto contenido en vitamina C es una excelente herramienta para combatir el envejecimiento prematuro celular. Además, es muy utilizada para recuperar el cuerpo de resfriados y resacas por la ingesta de bebidas alcohólicas.
3. Si se toma como una infusión caliente, la flor de jamaica resulta una excelente ayuda para combatir el insomnio, pues sus propiedades calmantes ayudan a que el cuerpo concilie fácilmente el sueño, propiciando un descanso profundo.
4. La flor de jamaica también ayuda a bajar los niveles altos de colesterol y triglicéridos en la sangre, siendo un gran aliado para mejorar la hipertensión arterial y combatir enfermedades metabólicas como el síndrome metabólico.
5. Entre los beneficios de la flor de Jamaica también se encuentra su capacidad para prevenir enfermedades tópicas de la piel, siendo la infusión la mejor manera de ingerirla para tratar erupciones o alergias. Ademas, la flor de Jamaica resulta una excelente ayuda para disminuir los dolores musculares gracias a su alto contenido en calcio, hierro y fósforo. Asimismo está comprobado que el agua de Jamaica tiene gran poder para prevenir la ceguera nocturna y ayudar al organismo a realizar fácilmente la


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